Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nothing But Disaster

Smole - drums Kuki - bass guitar Kktz - vocals & guitar

Propast - Live Dec 22 2011.mp3 - download

Those live recordings appeared at Hellback / No Name / Propast / Nuclear Altar 4 Way Split Tape by Mentalna Smrt 'zine & Crni Flomaster

Live video from the same show at Evergreen (RIP), Požega

Also "played" at Buka i Otpor Fest at Jankomir, Zagreb on Sep 3 2011.

Here's live video from Tom Klub, Požega on Sep 1 2011, our first show

After being on hold for some time, jobs, families, other bands, etc, disapocalypse continues.

Propast tracks with lyrics

All Gone

There's nothing left
Nothing at all
Lost in the void
And ready for the end

All Gone

Land Of The Damned

Another land
Of sick and scared

Land of the damned


End all preaching
Hope means nothing
Death is waiting
Endless bleeding

Flames of bloody hell


Words of madness
A call to darkness
Drown in silence
One last sentence


No One Survives

Armageddon horrors
War and disease
Torn to oblivion
Screaming in fear

No one survives

In Agony

Cold and dreadful
Is your world
Final pain
Is our name

In Agony


Bodies on the ground
No life, no sound
Thousands to be found
Lying all around

Are everywhere

Burnt Earth

Now comes the day
A price to pay

Earth is burning and air is grey

Pestilent Breath

Rigid stench
Of living death

Pestilent breath

Ok, that's it for now. Primitive hardcore greetings from Požega.

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